Author's Name: Wendy Gadsby
Date: Sun 21 Oct 2018

Mental Health Forum

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Mental Health Forum

To help us celebrate Rotary's Mental Health month this October, Rotary Caroline Springs held a Mental Health Forum at the local library in Caroline Springs. 

We were excited to present the forum with a guest speaker and open panel discussion.

Guest Speaker:  

Pamela Brown – Psychologist 

Panel Members:

•Dr Nivedita Nagarale - GP Super Clinic Caroline Springs
•Dr Jacob Opio - GP Primary Medical Clinic Melton
•Jo Shakerola – Community  Mental Health Nurse, Caroline Springs
•Wendy Gadsby - Make Changes NLP and Hypnotherapy

The purpose of the forum was to  

  • Lift the Lid on Mental Illness and open the discussion on different methods and tools to help.
  • Acknowledge that it’s OK to seek help for a mental health concern
  • Continue to talk about mental health and it’s importance
  • Address such issues as PTSD, anxiety, depression, family violence and other mental health issues

We heard from Pamela and each of the panel members, then opened the conversation to community members present.

It was a great afternoon of sharing information and discussion of effective supports available. 

"Thank you to those who attended and to those who gave of their time to make it happen.

A valuable community service worth building on" - Ross Butterworth.

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