On the 1st July 2022 we had our Rotary Changeover. It was a wonderful evening as we caught up with all those that could make it at this busy time of the year. We met, engaged in fellowship and simply said hello once again to friends, local councillors and Rotarians alike. But it was also an evening to thank all those that made the year 2021-22 an amazing year of service and volunteering. We thank the previous year's board as we welcomed the new one for 2022-23. Our work will never end and we continue to serve to change lives within our community. Thank you Kathy Hall for your Presidency and passionate guidance, we also welcome Ronald Moss in his year as Rotary Caroline Springs President and wish him all the best as we imagine the future in serving Caroline Springs. To find out more of what we do and how you can be the change that makes a difference contact us on rotarycarolinesprings@gmail.com
Here's a video of the night. 
More Photos of the night: