Rotary Caroline Springs sponsored a family from interstate recently who had been staying with a relative in Melton for the past 6 weeks following their escape from domestic violence. The family recently managed to obtain private rental accommodation and contacted their local Rotary Club for assistance who referred them to WERN's Administration Team for support.

Rotary Caroline Springs were happy to sponsor the family to WERN and within a few short days they have been able to access the WERN resources and furnish their new house with all items needed to recommence their lives again thanks to the generous support of WERN and our wonderful volunteers, great team effort from everyone.

A message from the family: 'Thank you so much, my family were so grateful to have their own bed to sleep in last night, Mum was absolutely overwhelmed after a big day she had a huge smile and a few tears and was just so thrilled. Mum said, Wow! 'It just really feels like a home already'.

WOW is right. Well done WERN, take a bow. All this while WERN is settling into its new home in Ravenhall compliments to the City of Melton and a BIG shout out for Council's support as it allows WERN to continue support local residents doing it tough but they don't have to do it alone. WERN has assisted over 7,500 local Australians across the west of Melbourne with over 65,000 items delivered since commencing in 2015.
WERN is growing and needs your help to help others, if you can you fix a fridge, assist with our laundry and sorting activities, assist clients or complete administration tasks please consider volunteering, it is certainly rewarding and a lot of fun as well.
If you have some spare time and would like to volunteer to change someone else's life or you wish to donate please give WERN a call on 8372 4110.
Many hands make light work.

Ross Butterworth
Administration Manager
Western Emergency Relief Network (WERN)

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