Olga of Melton Rotary on attending the Rotary International Convention.
Thank you Olga for your insight. It makes me proud to be a Rotarian and a Volunteer. Below is Olga's talk at that meeting on the International Convention to be held in May 2023 in Melbourne
Olga has been involved with Rotary International for 36 years. The first ten years were supporting PDG Vance. In those days Rotary Clubs only had male members and wives supported their husbands.
Olga attended 6 International Conferences. The most important part was the House of Friendship which featured all Rotary programs and countries. In those days $50 would build a clean water well for a village. Everyone was proud to be a member of an international group which was the largest service organisation recognised by the United Nations.
Olga gave some very interesting insights into the value of the interactions at each Convention.
At the 100th Anniversary of Rotary a young lady of Turkish descendant, holding a parasol, stood to address the assembled members. She wore her national costume proudly. She had sat in darkness for most of her life, she had no education and was disabled. Rotary provided her with a computer which opened up the world for her. It taught her that there were other girls in other villages who were like her. Rotary provided her with artificial limbs and she explained that before those limbs were provided there was no way she could have held a parasol, walked to the podium or stood in front of an audience.
“Your Hands are My Hands” are the most moving words you will ever hear.
“Your Hands are My Hands”. Its not to late to ba a part of that Convention.
Thank you Olga
Ronald - Rotary Caroline Springs