Members of Rotary Caroline Springs attended a regular Bunnings Community Event on the 18 May 2022 at Bunnings Caroline Springs. Attended by Lions Club Caroline Springs, Comm-Unity Plus (Previously known as Community West) Neighbourhood House (Deer Park), and Melton Square Dance Club the meet helped us understand some of the many groups in and around Caroline Springs. 
Bunnings Caroline springs recognises that 2020-21 has been challenging for our community groups and would like to provide you with an opportunity to reconnect.
Bunnings Community Networking event is focussed on providing our local community groups the chance to re-establish relationships, discuss how they have managed to get through the challenges of the past year and what plans they have for the future. Overall it was a good catch up and our members found out more about some of the groups and what they do. Bunnings too gave some insight into more ways that we as a service oriented community group in Caroline Springs can further establish our presence in Caroline Springs, such as hosting a vendor stand inside Bunnings, not just holding a Sausage Sizzle. Casey Lane welcome all engagement with groups and like us seeks to give back to the community. Casey too found of more ways that Bunnings can aid and support WERN which she too did not know she could do.
All in all we look forward to the next Community event.