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The PolioPlus Society

The PolioPlus Society (PPS) ia a new fundraising and recognition program that specifically support PolioPlus.
PPPS encourages Rotary members and others to pledge a least US$100 (A$165) per year to the PolioPlus Fund until polio is eradicated from the face of the earth.
Rotary members and their friends who join the Society will be honored with a distinctive lapel pin and certificate, which will be presented at a special ceremony.
Your contributions will count toward the Pal Harris Fellow recognition and Major Donor status and will be matched 2-to-1 by the Gates Foundation.
The Society will be managed within D9800 by the D9800 Coordinator:
To view the good works that the PolioPlus Society can achieve visit "The plus in PolioPlus"
The Timor Leste Rotary Consortium team - Vijay Susarla and Justine Paragreen are back visiting Timor-Leste, on a scoping trip for the next stage of our Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) Project. As part of this scoping trip for the next stage of the Timor Leste Rotary Consortium WASH Project, we’ve been undertaking due diligence and assessing potential sites for toilet blocks and water tanks in several villages, such as Triloka as the project expands into the Manatuto and Vikeke Districts.
Here’s a map location of where we are, if anyone’s in the area? 

Beyond Water -  Equip Her (by Sharon Crean)

Recently I was in Northern Uganda where our team were building a block of toilets for the girls at a school. From around 1986 until 2008, the LRA (Lord’s Resistance Army) had wreaked havoc in the area. It became widely known for atrocities of war and the use of child soldiers. 1.5 million people were displaced. 
War always brings in an influx of international funds, emergency services and media. Once it ends, everyone leaves – especially support services.
It is at this time that development needs to happen, but often doesn’t. It takes more than a generation or two to recover from war.
Development is brought about by empowering children, most especially girls and providing them with the resources and support they need to thrive in their education. This is not only a matter of equity and justice but also a strategic investment in the future. Educated girls and women have the potential to positively impact families, communities, and societies in so many ways. Therefore, it is important to equip them and avail all the amenities they need to stay motivated to focus on developing themselves and blossoming them into impactful women in the society. We not only were able to give the school a second set of latrines but also reconstruct the shower block for the girls. Now they have privacy and dignity when bathing and toilets that are clean and usable.
Development takes time. Development takes money. Development transforms communities. Development leads to self - sufficiency.
Thank you to our donors who make our work in recovering communities possible. We appreciate you all.

Sharon Crean
Global CEO

At our meeting on the 16 Aug held at the Club in Caroline Springs we invited Robiel Abraham to speak about the African Youth Initiative (A.Y.I). Robiel is the co-founder and chief executive of A.Y.I whom have recently been awarded a $150,000 government grant to support their initiatives in Melton and across the West. He gave a very inspiring talk on what they have achieved in helping young Africans make an positive impact on society. Since 2020 they help and aspire young Africans through "Weekly Mentoring Program", the "African Aspire Program" in schools and to come and "United Families Forum".
Reading is such an important part of our learning process and education. Learning is a life long process. We are fortunate that we live in a country where we have ready access to books and online media. Many around the world do not. I'm taking up the challenge to read at least 3 books this month. What's yours?
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